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Hero Call with Q2, to win with Q High

Check out this great video, Playing Q2 on Live at the bike, March 2018

Q2 River Call...

Courtney Bet the River $500 i called with Q2...

I Destroys 4 Players with Q2!!

Check out this great video,  How I Destroys 4 Players with Queen Deuce!!  

Queen Deuce (Q2) Israeli Ron ♠ Live at the Bike!

 Poker Trends: Playing Queen Deuce (Q2), feat. Israeli Ron & Ryan Fee ♠ Live at the Bike!

Full House Follow by Q2...


Queen Deuce Fun With Israeli Ron! ♠ Live at the Bike!

4bet with Q2

4bet to $1200 With Q2, got the raiser to muck KQ off...

Israeli Ron Gets Sweet Revenge

3 Way Madness KK vs Q2 vs 65

Ryan Semi Bluff me, with Q2 when i have Kh Ks... No diamond...

Q2 Crack AA on Live At The Bike

Watch Francisco Crack Armenian Mike AA

$31,000 Pot

Check it out, i get lucky on the river.. Full House vs Flash...

A High Call, $10,000 Pot

Bruno Push Allin on the River, $10,000 Pot, i called with A high, I'm Good 

Alec Torelli Ship it...

I Straddle, Alec Raise $100 Two caller i call Blind, Flop come i check Blind, ALec bet, both folded, i look top 2, i re raise he push allin, Call..